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Metal Coffee Mugs


We provide

A Hammock for each person or couple

A tent including comfortable sleeping mattress & sleeping bag and pillow

A lantern for each tent

A headlight for each camper

A toiletry bag: shampoo & conditioner, body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste

1 mug for coffee, tea & water

Wooden utensils

You can find


Electrical outlets for charging your phone/ laptop and other electronics

Paper towel

Toilet paper


Wet wipes

A place to sit & eat (tables/ chairs)

Wood for the bonfire

Dishwashing soap and sponge

Extra utensils & cups

Emergency kit

You should bring


Personal clothes and effects (including a swimsuit)/ Warm clothes for the cool nights

Hiking and or running shoes

A hat


Mosquito repellent

Snacks (if you have specific likings)

And your Good Vibes

"It was a first for me! I’ve never been camping before as I thought it would be too hard and uncomfortable. I’ve always stayed in hotels, but agreed to try something different… I’m glad I did. Camping with The Hammock Guy team was a great experience, rich in learning about nature and about myself. Being on a Hammock was liberating and camping made easy, accessible, comfortable, and fun. Now I’m an avid camper, hiker and grateful I came across such an amazing, professional team”

Sandra. Lebanon, 2019.

“We went camping with The Hammock Guy for New Year’s Eve! We were newlywed, and we were laughing about being on our honeymoon. Swinging on a Hammock together was so much fun. The food was Excellent and waking up in nature, in the middle of winter was very romantic. The Hammock Guy team made this trip so special, that we camped with them again in February. We highly recommend them for your honeymoon escape or any vacation, the locations they chose, the comfortable camping equipment, the food and the special atmosphere they create were exceptional. Fun during the day and warm under the stars at night near the fire”

Nitham & Gabriel. France, 2022

“My experience with The Hammock Guy team was pleasant. It was a good opportunity for me to go camping while I was in Turkey for a few weeks. Everything was well organized, the trip, the tents and hammocks, the meals and the transportation. I got to meet new people, go hiking and feel very connected with nature. Thank you, The Hammock Guy team for everything.”

Rula. Italy, 2021

“When we came to Turkey, the last thing we expected was to go camping. We didn’t have any camping material with us: tent or sleeping bag… The Hammock Guy team made it all possible and we felt right at home. We camped in a forest, near the beach, and relaxed on the hammocks;. There was bonfire and a nice meal. We ended up staying for 2 nights, if we didn’t have to fly out the day after, we would have stayed longer. The Hammock Guy made hospitality in nature possible.”

Alice and Camillia. Turkey, 2022

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