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Behind the idea stands a guy in love with hammocks and nature!


It started with a simple hike, followed by two decades of discovery, hiking and camping on most continents, traveling in style and luxury, going on many safaris, scuba diving and exploring nature’s seas and lands. Adding a wide range of volunteering experience in wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters responses, with a high sense of respect for nature, the man behind this idea is a first aid instructor, a certified rescue diver and explorer. After leading many successful hiking and camping events … a project was born.   


Today, The Hammock guy is a team of passionate people that offer you a unique and different way of traveling, discovering & experiencing nature in an eco-friendly manner.


The Hammock Guy, a bucket-list MUST!


Simply put, it’s a new way of experiencing the outdoors: Camping. Hammocking. Hiking. Outdoor activities. Exploring nature. Eco-friendly and environmentally respectful living.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert outdoor person, there is a lot to learn and enjoy! Nature has many facets and so do the experiences we offer. Join us for the endless possibilities mother nature has to share.


Everyone is welcome to join, we’ve had guests from all ages, nationalities and walks of life. Every soul that experienced this journey with us and slept in nature, came back changed, recharged and happy. Come with your family, friends or alone to explore a truly unique way of traveling, create special memories and memorable moments.

From pick up to dropped off, settle for a smooth ride & enjoy the trip.

Revive your soul with The Hammock Guy

Once you reach the destination, you can put up your hammock, swing, relax and enjoy the scenery. You can opt to contribute with your know-how or learn how it’s done and help set up the camp. 

In the evening, you get to sit around the fire, eat, drink, sing & dance and later gaze at the stars and let mother nature rock you to sleep.


This entire experience offers you the opportunity to disconnect from everyday life hassles, reconnect with nature, and replenish your entire being and your senses.

What makes us unique is the love we bring to this project, in every aspect and meaning of the word.


Everything we offer is in respect to nature with a high sense of environmentally friendly spirits and leading an eco-friendly life. We always make sure to leave the space we borrow from mother earth in the best shape and form, and the way nature intended it to be.

Can you imagine yourself chilling on a hammock, spending your day in total relaxation, enjoying food, drinks, listening to music, to nature sounds with your beloved ones?

Do you feel the need to shift your current state of mind and body? Feeling at ease and in your element?

Comfort zones are expandable, so put on your shoes, bring your hat, and let us do the rest.

Get out of your cement life and busy streets and come find the calmness and strength of nature.

Sleep in mother nature’s lap, under a blanket of stars, and let her take care of your aches and pains, relieve all your stress and enjoy connecting with earth.

Watch the sunset, Stare at the fire, Listen to the birds, and breath in the fresh air.


Switch the usual traveling habits, the hotels stars and allow this experience to take you to other stars, the night stars that light up the soul. 

This special experience creates and strengthens the bonds you have with your loved ones, and the opportunity to make new friends.

Watch and interact with friendly animals that roam in the area, or pass by: wild horses, cows, dogs, cats and other…


Whether you are with us for one night or more, there is plenty to discover.


Rest assured, you are in safe hands, most team members are certified first aid instructors. All the places we go to for camping, hiking or other activities have been scouted beforehand by the team and validated for safety.

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