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who are we?

What we will offer?

It started with a simple hike, followed by two decades of discovery, hiking and camping on most continents, traveling in style and luxury, going on many safaris, scuba diving and exploring nature’s seas and lands. Adding a wide range of volunteering experience in wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters responses, with a high sense of respect for nature, the man behind this idea is a first aid instructor, a certified rescue diver and explorer. After leading many successful hiking and camping events … a project was born.   

Let go of everything and let us take care of the rest.

Our formula includes all transportation, meals & activities. We take care of all details including food, logistics and camping gear, so you don’t have to. Just come, swing, discover, relax, swim, explore and enjoy your trip.


You can spend your time in meditation & retreat, gently rocking on a hammock and doing some of the available activities alone or by joining the crowd. What you make of this experience is yours and we are there to help you achieve your purpose.   


We provide transportation on buses from Istanbul city center/ or any nearby hotel, to the camp and back. Join and help us set up the base camp for the evening/night, or choose a hammock and swing, the choice is yours.

Once the camp is set and the bonfire going, enjoy a nice dinner, music, the night vibes and star gazing and of course… hammocking!

Wake up to an oriental/continental breakfast, fresh coffee and tea. The breakfast will include, eggs cooked on firewood, sausage, different sorts of cheese, yogurt, labneh, butter, honey, jams and bread. Gear up for an easy level hike, swim, walk by the sea or choose to relax and swing on your hammock, meditate, reconnect with nature, discover the area, or chose to mix several activities. Other types of activities are also available: playing cards, backgammon, volleyball (when available) and any other social game you wish to bring. During the day, lunch will be available for you to enjoy, light snacks, chips, bread sticks, dips, fruits, mixed cereal and power bars & chocolate.

Go on with your day, enjoy and explore nature at your own paste or join other activities.


At night bring your appetite and sit around the fire where the evening meal will be prepared and cooked. You are always welcome to take part in the preparation. Dinner will consist of a healthy soup, baked vegetables (mushrooms & potatoes) and who can resist the late-night craving for sweets? melted marshmallows, bananas & chocolate.

Tea & water are available at any time.

Before heading back, you can swing on the hammock or help pack up the camp & make sure the site is as clean as mother earth likes it to be.


Personal clothes and effects (including a swimsuit)/ Warm clothes for the cool nights

Hiking and or running shoes

A hat


Mosquito repellent

Snacks (if you have specific likings)

And your Good Vibes

A Hammock for each person or couple

A tent including comfortable sleeping mattress & sleeping bag and pillow

A lantern for each tent

A headlight for each camper

A toiletry bag: shampoo & conditioner, body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste

1 mug for coffee, tea & water

Wooden utensils

Electrical outlets for charging your phone/ laptop and other electronics

Paper towel

Toilet paper


Wet wipes

A place to sit & eat (tables/ chairs)

Wood for the bonfire

Dishwashing soap and sponge

Extra utensils & cups

Emergency kit

What will you need ?

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